Palmeirah Luxury Resorts & Private Islands

Palmeirah Luxury Resorts & Private Islands

Each of our luxury resorts is quite different in location, look, mood and experience, while leaving a distinctive impression.

Small and intimate or large and full of recreation, sometimes less is more and sometimes the choices are endless.

That's what we call the Palmeirah choice.

  • We do not believe we are perfect. The perfect resort has never been built, nor will it, but we try daily to get as close as you humanly can.
  • Designed for Recreation, Sports, Food & Beverage and Meeting experiences that are unique all Palmeirah facilities are provided onsite and are developed for the utmost comfort of the guest. A Palmeirah Resort is an elite luxury property which exhibits an exceptionally high degree of customer service and hospitality. The flawless execution of guest services is the staff's and management's main concern.
  • The offerings are rounded up by unique concepts and plans for the corporate training market in order to broaden the market reach of every Palmeirah Resort.
  • Additional facilities offered at a Palmeirah Resort are extensive recreation areas and care facilities for children, which are complimented by the luxurious "Aeris" Spa.


Palmeirah Luxury Resorts & Private Islands have and are been developed and managed by a HCA subsidiary.

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